We care about sustainability.

Our Mission

At Veurst, our core mission revolves around fostering ethics and nurturing a future that is both equitable and environmentally balanced. Our focus rests on forging meaningful connections with all our stakeholders—be it our valued clients, dedicated colleagues, or the vibrant communities we are a part of. Through these relationships, we cultivate a profound dedication to the cause of sustainability.

We actively and consistently engage with our stakeholders, undertaking a comprehensive approach that spans the spectrum of our operations. Our efforts encompass a diverse range of critical subjects, including transparency in our actions, the effective management of our supply chain, responsible energy consumption, championing diversity and inclusivity, and the development of resilient communities.


Not only will we oversee the environmental effects of our business, but we will also take responsibility for the influence our supply chain, suppliers, stores, and distribution network have on the environment.

Our commitment extends further by actively enhancing the positive social influence our business has on colleagues, customers, and communities, placing this endeavor at the core of our mission.

Responsible Products and Sourcing

Central to our values is a strong dedication to providing products sourced and produced responsibly. Our meticulous selection and curation process guarantees that every item we offer adheres to the most rigorous standards of ethical production, sustainability, and quality. Our unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing reflects our goal to not only fulfill our customers’ needs but also resonate with their principles, playing a pivotal role in fostering a future that prioritises consciousness and sustainability for everyone.

Community & Customers

At the core of our endeavors lie our valued community and customers. They form the heartbeat of our operations. Attentive listening, unwavering support, and insightful education are the cornerstones of our approach. And we’re constantly thinking differently to find new ways to connect with people and provide them with unparalleled experiences. Whether it’s championing Good causes or providing a seamless digital journey, our commitment remains resolute in delivering nothing short of excellence.

Road Map

We strive to create a positive impact across multiple fronts, through our diversity, equity & inclusion practices, sustainability policies and philanthropic contributions.