Valentino Establishes Precedent as Inaugural Luxury Brand to Introduce Virtual Try-Ons

Maison Valentino, the esteemed Italian fashion label, has marked a groundbreaking milestone as the pioneer among luxury brands to introduce the concept of virtual try-on (VTO) for its exquisite ready-to-wear collections. This impressive feat has been made possible through a collaboration with Wanna, an augmented reality app owned by Farfetch.

Venturing into the realm of augmented reality, Valentino has embarked on an innovative pilot project in partnership with Wanna. This initiative empowers customers to embark on a virtual journey of trying on a carefully curated assortment of menswear pieces hailing from its latest Autumn 2023 collection, famously known as ‘Urban Flows’.

In this cutting-edge experience, shoppers are granted the exciting opportunity not only to virtually try on clothing but also to explore the ValenTie – a refined sartorial accessory that is already available for pre-access on Valentino’s dedicated e-commerce platform.

Sergey Arkhangelskiy, the CEO of Wanna, shared his insights on this revolutionary development, stating, “Augmented reality not only elevates the presentation of apparel to a new level of realism but also offers users an unprecedented chance to simulate the act of trying on garments before committing to an online purchase. This second-generation VTO experience has been meticulously crafted for e-commerce, boasting a remarkable level of authenticity, and is tailored for esteemed luxury brands. With the debut of this novel virtual try-on category, our intention is to further assist customers in making well-informed shopping choices and bolster their confidence in making purchases.”

This groundbreaking technology from Maison Valentino transcends the constraints of traditional physical retail. Through the magic of virtual try-on, patrons can visualize the appearance of a garment on themselves via their smartphones, enabling them to make an informed decision before finalizing their purchase.

Adding to the excitement, the user-friendly Wanna Wear app is available for free download on the App Store. Setting itself apart from commonplace virtual try-on technologies, Wanna’s advanced augmented reality showcases the array of clothing and accessories from various angles, all seamlessly viewed through the lens of the customer’s iPhone camera.

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