Acquisition of Michael Kors by Coach’s Parent Company Forms US Powerhouse

Enthusiasts of DJ Khaled recently caused a stir on Miami’s streets.

However, their presence wasn’t due to an impending album release. Their purpose was to explore the innovative concept store established by the recording artist, an expansive establishment brimming with “athleisure wear” and sneakers. This store is the outcome of his collaboration with the German streetwear brand Snipes.

In a series of Instagram posts featuring videos of DJ Khaled engaging with shoppers and endorsing the anthem “Let’s Go Shopping,” the artist later shared, “Today was so special FANLUV THANK YOU!” This Grammy-winning music mogul’s involvement with the brand surpasses that of a mere hype man. Subsequent to his initial collaboration, he was appointed as Snipes’ chief creative officer, following in the footsteps of other renowned figures who’ve translated their celebrity status into high-ranking executive roles.

This title carries significant weight for DJ Khaled. Prior to the store’s launch, he spoke with the BBC, recounting, “They had me as the face of their stores, it was just a beautiful opportunity and we ended up loving each other. Now I have a job at Snipes.” Yet, what value can a celebrity like DJ Khaled truly bring to the role of a creative officer?

Addressing this question, the producer asserts that he embodies more than just celebrity status, stating, “We’re visionaries too.” DJ Khaled stresses that his contribution extends beyond his fame.

Sven Voth, Snipes’ chief executive and founder, acknowledges that DJ Khaled’s appointment raised eyebrows outside the company when it was initially announced in 2019. Voth explains, “Everybody in the United States thought this German guy’s a little crazy because this is a little bit too much for what it is.” At that time, Snipes operated only 65 stores in the US. Voth credits DJ Khaled’s dedication for propelling the company’s store count to over 300 today, reflecting that it was an optimal starting point.

DJ Khaled’s position is part of a resurging trend in which notable figures take on prominent corporate roles. Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton appointed Pharrell Williams as its menswear creative director, while rapper Future assumed a role at Lanvin. Traditionally, the creative director was responsible for shaping a brand’s creative vision, overseeing everything from collection sketches to advertising campaigns and boutique design.
However, with the emergence of celebrity creative directors, these rules have become more flexible, reflecting the evolving strategies brands employ to leverage celebrity influence. Companies are now seeking a deeper embodiment of their brand through celebrity involvement, as Matt Nastos, CEO of digital marketing agency Maison MRKT, explains. He notes, “Brand ambassador relationships are more fleeting, while having celebrities as part of your organization has an implied authenticity and longevity.”

Nonetheless, not all pairings between celebrities and brands prove successful. An example of this is Lindsay Lohan’s stint as creative director for Emmanuel Ungaro, which was deemed disastrous by the fashion press due to wardrobe malfunctions and lackluster designs.
This sentiment somewhat deterred the idea until the involvement of the hip-hop community, whose fresh perspectives resonated with a new audience. DJ Virgil Abloh, who collaborated with Kanye West, exemplified this shift. His ascent to creative director for Louis Vuitton menswear signified the entrance of hip hop into high fashion, aided by the surge of social media – a favored outlet for the genre.

Social media’s rise has granted rap artists an extensive platform to expand their fanbase, and fashion brands are keen to tap into this influence. The broad reach of these creative directors’ social media accounts has become a potent megaphone for brands. Matt Nastos points out that this avenue permits brands to target specific demographics and preferences, adjusting their strategies to attract younger customers.

The notion of celebrity creative directors lacking formal qualifications might seem unjust to some. However, the transformative power of social media has altered how brands are perceived. As long as this strategy proves lucrative, the celebrity creative director trend will persist. As DJ Khaled’s popular hit “All I Do Is Win” has been echoing for years, as long as it brings success, it’s a strategy that will endure.

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