Walmart Enhances iOS App with Fresh Augmented Reality Capabilities

In 2022, Walmart introduced an innovative enhancement to its flagship mobile app, known as View in Your Home augmented reality platform. This groundbreaking addition empowered shoppers to preview a curated array of products in an augmented reality (AR) setting before finalizing their purchase decisions. Building upon this success, the retail giant has taken strides to expand the capabilities of View in Your Home with novel AR functionalities.

The recent evolution of this platform permits customers to effortlessly arrange multiple items within the confines of their physical space, as projected onto their device screens through the magic of augmented reality. This feature serves as a valuable tool for envisioning a comprehensive aesthetic for their living space prior to committing to any acquisitions.

The catalog of products bolstered by AR support within the app has also undergone a significant expansion. Now encompassing a remarkable spectrum of over 7,000 items spanning categories such as indoor and outdoor furniture, electronics, and lighting alternatives, the augmented reality experience has become more comprehensive and versatile.

Moreover, the View in Your Home platform has been further refined to offer personalized product recommendations to shoppers. Drawing upon the synergy of products that harmonize effectively within a given environment, this enhancement aids customers in assembling a cohesive and visually pleasing space. As shoppers explore items in augmented reality, the platform introduces the Similar Item feature. This intuitive function enables seamless product substitutions, allowing users to juxtapose various items to gauge their dimensions and contours, thereby facilitating optimal selection for their surroundings.

Once the discerning process of curating items concludes, shoppers are now empowered to swiftly purchase an entire assortment of products needed to furnish a room, all with a single, effortless tap.

These novel and captivating AR features are progressively being integrated into the Walmart app, catering initially to iPhone users. This expansion underscores Walmart’s commitment to offering innovative and user-centric experiences, further enriching the digital shopping journey for its customers.

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